Rice Container

Eslen Sushi Rice Container SP-20-D


Returnable container that excels in heat retention

rice container


About Eslen Container, SP-20-D

Eslen Container is a high-quality, functionally-designed container that excels in strength and durability. It is a long-selling product that has superior heat and coldness retention, which can be used in the leisure restaurant industry, rice cooking industry, food service industry, among others.

Eslen rice containers can be used with the SP trays for both Nigiri and Maki Sushi.
Eslen containers and trays will maximize daily sushi production.
Refer the link of SP trays.

Size and Weight

Product Name:
Eslen Rice Container
483 x 373 x 256 (outside size)
372 x 305 x 180 (inside size)
Weight (with lid):
Rice Capacity(Maximum):

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