Casual food that can be eaten with one hand

“Sushi Hand Roll” is Australian Fast Food

“Hand” + “Sushi Roll” = “Sushi Hand Roll”

The origin of “Sushi Hand Roll” comes from Japanese authentic “Sushi Roll”.

Changing its taste, shape and colour, it became “Sushi Hand Roll” in Australia. Now, “Sushi Hand Roll” is the most favourite fast food of Australians. There are so many “Sushi Hand Roll” shops everywhere in the country as the standard meal among children, young people and business persons, regardless of generation, nationality nor gender.

It is not so rare that some successful shops sell 3,000 rolls a day. The name “Sushi Hand Roll” is coined because Australians frankly eat “Sushi Roll” with one hand without formality. Conjunction of “Hand” and “Sushi Roll” became “Sushi Hand Roll” Australian proprietors successfully cook handmade “Sushi Hand Roll”, serving in Japanese, Western and Chinese styles.

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Australia's National Fast Food

“Sushi Hand Roll” is Australia’s national fast food. Changing colour, shape and taste from Japanese rolled sushi, it is born as fusion with other cultures. The name “Sushi Hand Roll” means that it is easy to eat with hand.

“Sushi Hand Roll” is popular widely in Australia, regardless of age or gender. There are many shops of “Sushi Hand Roll”. Successful shops sell 3,000 rolls a day.

“Sushi Hand Roll” is collecting spotlight as “New Business Model of Food and Drink” because cooking is easy and it matches Japanese, Western or Chinese materials.

Invest “Sushi Hand Roll Shop” and gain profit soon.

You can open “Sushi Hand Roll” Take-out shop

You can run “Sushi Hand Roll Shop” for customers enjoy delicious, healthy and tasty light meals in the Japanese harmony of “WA”(和) You can easily operate our “Sushi Machines” at a tiny space in your shop.

A “Sushi Hand Roll” costs only 2 dollars

Low cost and High Satisfaction

There are so may cheap foods such as hamburgers, sandwiches, pizza, etc. “Sushi Hand Roll” is something out of ordinary foods which may attract customer’s eyes. Owing to non-stop operation as an integrated work, you can utilize our “Sushi Machine” and you can offer your customers good taste meals at low price, saving the production cost.

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Cross Cultural Delicacies

Varieties of “Sushi Hand Roll”

“Sushi Hand Roll” is contemporary, simple and convenient fast food based on Japanese authentic “Sushi”.
You can produce so many kinds of “Sushi Hand Roll” so that all the customers, regardless of nationality nor generation can enjoy the harmony of appearance, colours and taste such as Teriyaki Chicken Roll with salty-sweet sauce, Salmon Roll with spice sauce, Standard Roll of Avocado, Tuna Flakes and Mayonnaise, Vegetarian Roll with original dressing and Garlic Shrimp Roll, etc.

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Easy to Study Operation, Easy to Start the Business

We make an offer our “One Package Proposal” of “Sushi Hand Roll” Shop, depending of your requests, from kitchen instruments up to equipments, menu construction, expansion of Franchise chains, etc. No large scaled design, plan or long time for preparation is required.

Your New Business Opportunities

Don’t miss this chance!

There are so many fast food businesses which can be started in a small area and small investment, such as hamburger, ice cream, crepe and fresh fruit juice. “Sushi Hand Roll” business is a new and unique business which you can start with same area and investment. We can provide you the knowledge of advanced procedure for “Sushi Hand Roll” shops. You can expand your business with “Sushi Hand Roll” Don’t miss this business chance!


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