Supermarkets Sushi Kitchen in Scandinavia and Baltic

SUPERMARKETS in Finland and Estonia


Finland and Estonia

Type of business



CITYMARKETS in Finland, MAXIMA in Estonia

installed sushi machines

Why set sushi machines

  • needed to make variety of many kinds sushi for takeout
  • needed to make fast but beautifully and deliciously
  • needed to consider the labour cost cutting and controlling


  • Easy to purchase and set by METOS, the exclusive distributor of TOP in Scandinavia
  • Trustworthy and durable machines for daily sushi making
  • Easy to operate TOP sushi machines
  • METOS can take care of the setting and training as well as future maintenance

How are you doing now ?

We can provide the delicious sushi easier and faster more beautiful than before

Developing New Menu and Expanding sushi business further

We used to make sushi by hands, however, we always had difficulty to keep the decent good chef to run take our sushi business at shopping malls. We did not know much about sushi rice and fish preparation in order to provide delicious and fresh sushi at our supermarkets.

TOP,INC. review

Fresh delicious sushi making in Northern Europe and Baltic

The both Nigiri and Maki sushi are very well freshly made in the special sushi making kitchen designed by Metos, the professional kitchen supplier of Northern Europe and Baltic.

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