In TOP showroom, we display major models for overseas sushi market.

In order to unlock the full potential of our sushi robots for your business development, we provide you the very best demonstrations of our sushi machines at our showroom. If you contact us in advance, we will be ready to operate your desired model, so please feel free to drop in. Of course, we can connect the live camera if you wish to look at our products from your PC.

Recommended for those people
  • I do not know the model selection for my restaurant. I want to compare each model.
  • I have no experience of making sushi by hands, so I’m afraid I can really do sushi making by machines. I would like to see how sushi can be made by machines.
  • I have seen the machines but I’m worried that I can operate them and do maintenance by myself. I would like to see how the machines should be taken care of.
  • We want TOP to support not only sushi machines but also other equipment, accessories and training staff.