story of TOP,INC as Sushi machine manufacturer

In 1972 (1972), we invented roll sushi machine first in Japan, since then, we have been a pioneer in Japanese sushi roll machine field. At that time, being able to take out sushi rolls became consumer's major demand in the Japanese economic growth period, and that is why mass-produced sushi was required. The take-out roll sushi is the beginning of a new Japanese food culture and eating habits, and as a result, roll sushi machine was born and became popular.


However, at the time there was no skill, knowledge, practical information about the sushi machine, and our inventions were not able to make sushi as high quality as professional sushi craftmen did. It was a complicated product with many troubles and troubles. Furthermore, there were a lot of sushi rice from different sushi rice kinds, sushi vinegar types, ,many ways of cooking rice, so that the development of sushi machines was not simple and easy.

History of research and development for over 40 years


In the 40 years of growth and expansion of the Japanese sushi market, we have been developing, improving and updating our products with many customers. Taking advantage of these experiences and technological capabilities in Japan, we are introducing and selling our product to over 50 countries in the world. "Simple is best" sushi machines with no troubles for our customers is our concept and we hope anyone can make delicious sushi easily anywhere in the world with TOP sushi machines.


  • in 1976

    roll sushi machine ( MANYOU-1)

    roll sushi machine (MANYOU-1) was first sensational electronic roll sushi machine which was integrated IC technology.
  • in 1987

    roll sushi machine (TSM-01)

    1st water resistant roll sushi machine in the market TSM-01
  • in 1996

    Inari sushi machine ( TO-10000)

    We invented the technology of Inari type sushi making. We also introduced Nigiri sushi ball molding technology in the market first time. TO-10000
  • in 1997

    Sushi ball machine (TSM-05)

    2,000 nigiri balls can be made in 1 hour. 1st Nigiri sushi machine. TSM-05
  • in 1998

    Sushi ball Machine (TSM-06)

    Getting standards for North America. ( USA and Canada)
  • in 2000

    Onigiri machine (TOM-01) was invented

  • in 2002

    Roll sushi machine (TSM-200X)

    Touch panel system was set and it was the smallest roll sushi machine in Japan at that time.
  • in 2006

    Rice sheet machine (TSM-900RS)

    For oversea demands and requests, we invented and introduced TSM-900RS as rice sheets making machine for both Europe and North America. Maki Robot TSM900RS
  • in 2007

    certified CE standards

  • in 2012

    Mobile sushi machine (TSM-13)

    the smallest and lightest sushi ball machine in the world. 1,200 balls can be made in 1 hour and this model has fit to Japanese fusion restaurants or Izakaya.

We have been introducing and selling all those sushi machines to over 50 different countries in the world.