Roll Sushi Machine / TSM-900RSR

Unique Roll Making System for both NORIMAKI and URAMAKI



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TOP sushi machine technology



Sushi Rice Condition Controlling System can provide high quality sushi rice.


3 sets of rice feeding roller system with 14 blades can unravel the sushi rice evenly and make sushi rice sheets constantly by this unit.

Sushi Rice Feeding Technology

pressured-spreading sushi rice sheets making technology as utility model patent

  • The surface of rice feeding roller was researched and developed for rice pressing and spreading technology as utility model patent. This fan special typed roller surface can create rice sheets uniformly with fan shaped pressure for rice grains. The combination of large (upper) and small (lower) rollers are designed and set for rice softness as professional sushi chef made.
  • This special shaped rollers are cut and shaped by high advanced Japanese technology of roller making with references of highly qualified and experienced sushi chef.
  • The material of roller is Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene, one of the most high quality plastic. It is excellent for non-stickiness so that rice does not stick. Even better, it is also excellent in heat resistance, chemical resistance and water absorption resistance and it won’t be deformed easily and works for long.

Rice Sheet Condition Adjustment

rice sheet condition adjustment technology for delicious sushi rice making.
Density volume dial is speed adjustable controller for rice feeding blades that lead to the rice feeding rollers which spread rice to become sushi rice sheets. If rice is spread powdery, insubstantially or unevenly, Density volume dial needs to be set higher. On the other hand, if the rice sheet becomes tight, hard or heavy, Density volume dial needs to be set lower. In order to adjust easily, Density volume dial could be set manually.


Depending on the quality and varieties of rice, or cooking conditions, sushi roll making needs to be applied for fine tuning. The most important balance is the volume of sushi rice and it needs to be set adjustably for each kind of sushi roll. In order to use various kind of rice for sushi making, Rice sheet condition adjustment technology is applied for fine sushi rice sheet making with controllable volume of rice setting. In addition, all the functions for sushi rice condition setting are designed into front panel of the main body and the fine tuning will be set and applied easily for delicious high quality roll sushi making.

Unique Manual Technology as Easy & Simple Setting and Adjustment System


“Make it "easy “system”
Sushi rice thickness, length and density cab be set and adjusted as easy as possible so that anyone can use this setting function "easily".

Molding Function for Sushi rolls.

In order to create high quality sushi rolls fast, TSM-900RSR rolling system can make anyone "sushi-chef" easily.
This 4th Roll Unit System has been invented and introduced for 25 years and this unique original technology has been very popular in abroad as well as in Japan.

High Rigidity, Robust, and Long Life Durability

Roll the Nori seaweed outside Roll up the Nori seaweed roll and the Nori seaweed in it, of course, you can also easily roll the uramaki wound in a spiral shape.

Molding tighter or softer, you can adjust easier as if professional sushi chef does.

Sushi rolls variety by Roll Units.

There are 6 different sizes you can choose.

Six different Roll Units and rice sheet units.

 sizeroll unit sizeweight per one roll *approx
1thin roll25 x 25mm80-100g
2medium thin roll30 x 30mm100-130g
3medium roll35 x 35mm130-150g
4medium thick roll40 x 40mm150-200g
5thick roll45 x 45mm200-250g
6extra thick roll50 x 50mm250-300g
7rice sheet-80-300g

Tough and Durable

Caterpillar parts of Roll Unit are made of stainless 304 type.
This machine can withstand
more than 500,000 times continuous open-close action of Roll Unit.
Dupont teflon coated Roll Units can prevent from rice sticking and be capable for maintaining clean hygiene.


Easy maintenance

This Unique Roll Unit System can make machine designing more simple in order to prevent from frequent electric machine troubles.

Durability and Long Life Uses

This symple TSM-900RSR Roll Unit System makes more than 8 years long durability.


just pressing start button for making a rice sheet.

turn the dials for setting and adjusting the size or volume of rice sheets.

Removing parts takes 60 seconds and they need to be cleaned one in a day.

The width of rolled sushi can correspond to 180mm and 200mm. ※ Selected at the time of introduction


Japanese manufactured motor with overheated protection guarantees durability and long life use.
The sensor IP67 type is excellent in waterproofness and oil resistance.

Main parts are made of stainless steel 304 type for making rust resistant and strength of structure.

Body material is selected for protecting from shock, dirt and heat.

The main electrical components are harness type, making it easy to replace them in case of failure.

The hopper is treated with a high quality Teflon-coated Dupont product that does not adhere to sushi rice.

TSM-900RSR Operation Movie


Product Name
County of use
TSM-900RS-R TypeA : USA, CANADA, 100-120V area
TSM-900RS-R TypeB:Europe, Oceania, Asia, South America, Middle East, Russia, 220-240V
Production capacity
Rice sheet production capacity: 1 sheet / 6 seconds, can create 2 to 4 sushi rolls per minute.
* Production capacity varies depending on the set time of ingredients to be put into sushi rolls.
Body Dimensions
W38 x D60(users time D80) x H50cm
Body Weight
Power Supply
TSM-900RS-R TypeA : 100-120V 50/60Hz
TSM-900RS-R TypeB : 220-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
Sushi rice Capacity
Roller Unit:
【For 180mm in width】thin roll(25㎜)/medium thin roll(30㎜)/medium roll(35㎜)/medium thick roll(40㎜)/thick roll(45㎜)/extra thick roll(50㎜)/Rice sheet only
【For 120mm in width】thin roll(25㎜)/medium thin roll(30㎜)/medium roll(35㎜)/medium thick roll(40㎜)/thick roll(45㎜)/extra thick roll(50㎜)/Rice sheet only

Roll Unit:
【Normal type】Rice sheet widht:180㎜
【Wide type】Rice sheet widht:200㎜
【Multi type】Rice sheet widht:180㎜ & 200㎜ can cope with both.

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