Frequently asked questions before purchasing


Shipping Questions

Can I use it overseas?
Yes. Our products can be applied in any countries. ( As long as electric power.)
I have no knowledge of trade at all, I do not know how to import from Japan?
No problem. It is possible to introduce reliable exporters, carriers and curriers. Also as soon as you decide what you purchase from TOP, we will give you the size of packages, weight and HSCODE etc so that you can directly check shipping costs, custom if you wish to find out by yourself in your country.It is also possible to send directly by DHL to you if you are in hurry for instance.
How much does it cost to import?
It depends on the country you live (or use). Please assume that custom, import duty and the consumption tax of the country of residence will be incurred in addition to the shipping cost.
The HSCODE of our product is 843880 so we recommend that you check the tariff rate in advance.
We will inform you in advance about packing size.

We will make an invoice together with the shipping documents, so we can also check the shipping costs at our company or by your designated vendor if you wish.

Please tell me the shortest delivery date
If there are stocks, we will start shipping procedure as soon as we can confirm the payment. If we do not have stock, we will usually prepare the machines within 2 weeks. If you are in a hurry please describe conditions such as "by when, I want this machine to this place" at the time of inquiry. We will reply on confirmation of the stock of the models you want.

Supplement: Those who have experience of importing from Japan, those who already have containers, and those who regularly purchase food products from Japan will cope with shipping to designated warehouses and ports. Also even those who do not have experience in trading can introduce you to a large number of reliable vendors, so please be assured.

Also, if you ask the supplier on the customer side, we will contact you with the packing size and weight, our warehouse address and delivery location.

Questions about sushi robots

I have no experience making sushi by hand, is it okay?
Yes. Anyone can easily make either Nigiri or roll sushi deliciously by our machines.
Q:Is the setting of the machine easy? How to clean ?
Yes, you can set machines in 1-3 minutes if you get used. How to remove parts and how to set up the machine can download the manual from HP.

You can also browse the video. Please make sure to have a look at the machine setting and maintenance videos before making a purchase decision.

What should I do if I can not make sushi well by machines ?
First of all, please check the setting of the machine.

There are setting mistakes such as left and right in the opposite direction, incorrect setting value etc. Please check the manual once again.

Please also understand that it has the function to stop the machine forcibly by releasing the emergency stop button and forgetting to close the safety cover.

If you can not make sushi after machine arrival, you can connect a live camera, and our engineers can check the operation and setting together with you.

Can you come to the store for training after the machine arrives?
Yes. Our staff have provided machine training to customers and employees all over the world. You will learn how to set up, operate and maintain the machine. Master in 8 hours. In the case of more than 16 hours, we prepare for training of more specialized contents such as repetition, application.
We also offer various sushi making advice. The cost is separately for one person's travel and accommodation expenses. Please contact us at the time of inquiry.

Supplement: Please read the manual and make settings according to the manual after arrival, in order to avoid breakdown of the machine. As accessories are included separately, please check and use them together. It is recommended to keep accessories carefully.

other questions

Can I connect and talk live cameras and phones before purchasing?
Of course. It will be in English, but it is possible to talk by any live chat etc. Please ask us any questions or concerns.
Is it possible to go to the TOP showroom and get training?
Sure, of course. It will be English guidance, demonstrations and training.
Please contact us in advance regarding your preferred date of arrival and schedule.

You can try the machine until you are satisfied. It would be appreciated if you could consider purchasing after resolving any questions or concerns.

We would like to receive an estimate as soon as possible.
Yes, we can, we want to. When you make an inquiry, please specify "when do you want it ?", "In which country", "the desired model and how many", "the size of nigiri sushi, the type or width of rolls you want to make", etc. The sooner you tell us, we can make the quotation faster for you. Desired accessories, PLEASE ! (For example, the estimated price changes depending on the number of attached units of TSM-900 RSR.)

Frequently asked questions about maintenance

About Maki Robot(TSM900RS,TSM900RSR,TSM900CK1)

The machine does not move at all. What should I do?
Please check the following two points.

Maki Maker Maintenance
  • Make sure that the emergency stop button is released. If the emergency stop button is pressed, release the emergency stop button (turn it to the right).
  • Make sure that the front cover is not open. If the front cover is open, close the front cover.
Rdoes not come out. What should I do?
Please check the following two points.

Maki Maker Maintenance
  • Make sure that the DENSITY VOLUME is too less. Please adjust the feed amount higher.
  • Make sure that the length timer is not 0. If it is 0, adjust the length timer, larger.

About Nigiri Robot(TSM07,TSM09)

The machine does not move at all. What should I do?
Nigiri Maker Maintenance
Make sure that the front cover is not open.

If the front cover is open, close the front cover.

Nigiri balls do not come out. Or the shape of balls is collapsed.
Nigiri Maker Maintenance
Please adjust the hardness or softness of nigiri balls by h adjustment knob.

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