How you get sushi machines?

  • Step 1

    Making inquiry

    Please make an inquiry from our website. Girl Contact Us

  • Step 2

    Present yourself to us

    Let us know exactly what you want in order to provide you the best offer. We can use not only phone or emailing but also video chat if you wish. If you want visit our showroom or demonstration, make reservation, please. operation staff

    Point A Why telling us more detail of your planning ?

    If you can tell us in advance the size and number of seats of the restaurants, size of Nigiri balls, types of rolls, present production of making by hands, etc., We can respond you smoother to your inquiry or requests. Please let us know in advance if you have any specific requirements, such as budget and delivery time !

  • Step 3

    We will give you the best offer.

    video, reference and quotation will be sent to you as soon as we know exactly what you want. We can shoot the movie and send it to you if you want. * We can share how you want to import our products and we can support you. *Please refer point C. operation staff

  • Step 4

    Making Payment

    We will send you our bank information. As soon as your payment is confirmed, we will ship the purchases.

     PointB:about payment terms and condition

    Payment terms are 100% upfront. We will contact you as soon as the payment is confirmed. Please be assured that we will send you our bank information so that your bank can complete the process quickly and accurately so that you do not make a mistake.

  • Step 5

    We will ship the purchases, please receive them

    We will ship the purchases by the way you want. We will provide you the shipping documents and send you the flight schedule to you with the trucking number of your purchases. dhl image Example 1 : trade incotems EXW As soon as your purchases are ready to ship, we will tell you when and where you can pick them up do that you can contact your carriers. If you need to stick your own case marks etc, please send them to us in advance. Example 2 : incoterms DDP As soon as the purchases arrive in your country, please follow the instruction of currier about duty or custom to get delivered to where you want to receive.

     Point C How to get delivered from Japan ?

    If you have already imported food or any other products from Japan, please contact us with your trade experiences so that you may want to organize shipping by yourself. If there are containers, designated vendors and designated warehouses to which you will be sending purchases, please let us know in advance. In principle, we will pass the purchases at our warehouse, however, we will assist you how you want us to export. (eg: We will arrange sending to designated warehouse by our carriers.) Please be aware that you will be responsible for the import duties such as customs duty and local consumption tax, etc. If you do not have any import experiences, it is possible for us to support you. In addition, it is our pleasure  to ship by our exporting shipping account so please contact us about your wishes for importing sushi machines.

Any questions?

  • We use carton packages for oversea sipping. You will be informed the volume, size, weight of your purchases in your packing list in advance.
  • After the confirmation of your payment, we try to preparer the purchases and ship them in 2 weeks. If you are in hurry, please share your purchase planning so that we can control the stocks.
  • You can chose carriers or curriers for your shipping, by air or boat, up tp you.