Academia de Sushi TOP, Osaka Japan

Nagaaki Kametani Master Sushi Chef

Head of Sushi Training Classes

Nagaaki is well known Sushi Chef in Osaka, Japan.
Nagaaki has been running his own restaurants, teaching many international chef. His students have been to Aisia, Europe and America.
Nagaaki has experiences as not only as an omakase sushi chef but also for supermarkets, delivery and takeout sushi style business fields.

Message from Nagaaki

  • I will support you how you want to manage sushi business in any countries.
  • Rice and Fish preparation is very important so come to Japan and spend time with me !

Sawako Ikoma Japanese Patissier

Head of Japanese Manner and Table Cordinate

Sawako is the teacher of Japanese Food Maner and Culture.
Sawako has tought Japanese Sweets and Green Tea Making to the guests and her students have been to Aisia, Europe and America.
Sawako forcuses on Japanese Food cordinates as a Sake sommelier as well as a Japanese patissier for the international guests.

Message from Sawako

  • Experiences in Japan will make your mind free to be more creative.
  • Let's find your own flavor and receipe togeter here in Osaka.

Course Detail and the Program will be ready soon.

We will be updating the page as soon as this project gets ready.