Sushi Machine / TSM-09

Sushi Ball Machine / TSM-09designed with patented technology Low csot and Easy Operation Model. 1.8 seconds / 1 ball 2,000 balls / 1 hour


UL/NSF /CSA,CE Nigiri-sushi-machine-TSM-09

No need to make Nigiri sushi balls by hands any more. It is very easy to operate for complete beginner who has no experience of sushi making.
  1. TOP sushi machine technology
  2. operation・cleaning
  3. durability・long life
  4. specification

Secret of TOP sushi machine technology



Double Torque Keeper System as sushi rice forwarding function for making delicious high quality and uniformed Nigiri rice balls. Nigiri-sushi-machine-TSM-09   【 Double Torque Keeper System as sushi rice forwarding function for making delicious high quality and uniformed Nigiri rice balls 】

  • The combination of right and left, upper and middle rollers that are controlled by Double torque Keeper System can detect torque and density of the sushi rice.
  • The automatic roller rotation speed controlling can create soft and delicious sushi balls with evenly uniformed shape of Nigiri balls as if the professional sushi chef made.


Nigiri balls “softness⇔hardness” adjusting controlling system for delicious uniformed sushi ball making Nigiri-sushi-machine-TSM-09   【 Nigiri balls “softness⇔hardness” adjusting controlling system for delicious uniformed sushi ball making 】

  • Nigiri ball softness or hardness can be also adjusted by two of middle rollers that control sushi rice feeding arbitrarily so that you can make your own favorite original Nigiri balls with variety of demands in different culture.


The special shape of the roller surface, texture and tip which developed research on the fluidity and moldability of sushi rice can make Ideal Nigiri balls in place of the hands and fingertips of professional well trained sushi chef. Nigiri-sushi-machine-TSM-09   【 For delicious uniformed sushi ball making by TOP original special Nigiri molds as patented technology 】

  • The special shape of the roller surface, texture and tip can product the Ideal Nigiri balls constantly, precisely and accurately as if professional well trained sushi chef made. These special molds can reproduce Nigiri balls with the best matching of softness and hardness for sushi lovers.
  • The high advanced resin cutting technology is applied for molds cutting and shaping in order to create well-formed Nigiri balls that look beautiful and traditional sushi visuals with pieces of fish or other ingredients.


回転寿司 16・18・20g Recommended for revolting sushi restaurant, upper middle class Japanese style restaurant. The smaller balls are, people need to eat more to feel “fullness” or “satisfaction”.
20・22・24g Recommended for supermarkets or takeout sushi making.The most standard size for eating Nigiri Sushi easily with satisfaction.
Restaurant La Lagune Sushi 22g・24g・26g Recommended for WOK or eat as much as you want style of sushi restaurant.People get full faster.
inari-sushi 30g Recommended for Inari sushi.The most well-known and luxury visuals it can have.
lunch-box 30・40g, cylinder shaped Recommended for making Japanese lunch box, Makunouchi style.

*Above information is for reference only so that please select for your business concept with your country's demands.

Nigiri Ball Volume and Size

weight size useage
16g W24×D53×H20mm for Nigiri Sushi making
18g W25×D53×H21mm for Nigiri Sushi making
20g W26×D53×H22mm for Nigiri Sushi making
22g W27×D53×H23mm for Nigiri Sushi making
24g W29×D53×H23mm for Nigiri Sushi making
26g W30×D53×H25mm for Inari Sushi making
30g W33×D53×H28mm for Inari Sushi making

*Size and Volume of balls may get changed with the condition of sushi rice, especially, temperature. Nigiri-sushi-machine-TSM-09 There are two kinds of bale type rollers.

weight size useage
30g W30×D53mm for lunch box making
40g W35×D53mm for lunch box making

*size and volume may get changed. *it won't be formed as "completed cylinder shaped" *ask more about order made   Nigiri-sushi-machine-TSM-09


ON and OFF only.
Nigiri-sushi-machine-TSM-09 automatic stop sensor indicate and stop the turning table if there are 6 balls on. 1 ball per 1.3 sec.
Nigiri-sushi-machine-TSM-09 40 seconds for removing all washable parts. clean well once in a day for hygienic purposes.


Nigiri-sushi-machine-TSM-09 Japanese manufactured motor with overheated protection guarantees durability and long life use.
Nigiri-sushi-machine-TSM-09 The sensor IP67 type is excellent in waterproofness and oil resistance.
Nigiri-sushi-machine-TSM-09 Main parts are made of stainless steel 304 type for making rust resistant and strength of structure.
Nigiri-sushi-machine-TSM-09 Body material is selected for protecting from shock, dirt and heat.

1 minute movie for NIGIRI SUSHI MAKING

Explain how to install TSM-09 parts

Explanation on how to remove TSM-09 parts



Product Name
Sushi Ball Machine
county of use
TSM-09A; USA, CANADA, 100-120V area
TSM-09B; Europe, Oceania, Asia, South America, Middle East, Russia, 220-240V area
Production capacity
2,600 sushi balls per hour with 16 or 18 or 20 or 22 or 24g ball rollers. )       ( 16,00 sushi balls per hour when the size of one cut is 26.30g )
Body Dimensions
W30 x D48 x H59cm
Body Weight
Power Supply
TSM-09 TypeA : 115V
TSM-09 TypeB : 220-240V
Power Consumption
Sushi rice Capacity
sushi ball roller; 16,18,20,22,24,26,30g tawara roller; 25,30g/dd>

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